“We named ourselves after the city of Tyrone, because we love how we feel serving its residents.”

My family opened Tyrone Nails Salon in February 2022. We took over the previous shop, called Sun n’ Nails.
We named the shop after the town of Tyrone, whose residents are so compassionate, friendly, and supportive.

We are right next to Zesto restaurant, across from Publix. We provide pedicures and nails art. And we LOVE this city. This is legit the best city I have ever seen.

My mom (Ms. Ivy) has been doing nails for decades after migrating from Vietnam, and she said out of everywhere she has ever worked at, Tyrone has the most welcoming, understanding, and patient patrons.

When I opened the salon, I forgot to apply for a business license with the city. A town clerk stopped by, personally, so my small business wouldn’t have to pay a fine. I was beyond impressed. I have worked with many city councils before, and I can’t imagine any other city clerk who would personally do that.

One time, mom had a sudden allergy coughing, and a customer offered to stop his pedicure, so mom could get some water.

Another time, my brother (Tom) fell from his chair while working, and his old hip injury started to act up very painfully. IDK why I didn’t have a medical kit in the salon. I knew I should have had one, but to my fault I didn’t. I panicked because my brother started to hurt quite badly. A customer walked out to her car to retrieve a bottle of pain killer. She gave us the whole bottle in case Tom needed some more on the long drive home.

On a random day, a regular patron stopped by to give us a cake she baked. She did not need any service that day, she left home specifically and exclusively to give us the cake, because my sister (Amie) had told her we had never had Mountain Dew cake. The cake had these twisted crushes on the top and was legit the best thing we had ever had. It was soft but crunchy; creamy but not overly sweet.

A very sweet family often visits us, They are local and also owns a business. The mom made a very meaningful recommendation about us on fb, in Tyrone Connection, the town’s local facebook group. It wasn’t the kind of recommendation one could write in a few minutes. It was the kind of thoughtful writings people made with a genuine hope for the success of others. I know good copy-writing when I see one. Thank you Lea Bee Boutique . Your post gave us many new business, and from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you.

I have seen daughters traveling hours to join moms for pedicures. I have seen dads cluelessly taking young daughters out for nails, because moms were at sea defending our country. I have seen pilots, teachers, business owners, principals, vice-principals, authors, and so many amazing people, who showed us endearing kindness. We named ourselves after the city of Tyrone, because we love how we feel serving its residents.