I am so sad to see another fellow small business closing. Especially a hard-working, heart-warming business.

Today I learned that an endearing local restaurant has closed its doors forever. This is the second restaurants in our area to close this year, (the other one was Mind Bender). The family was excellent at making food and customers service. They served incredible meals and had outstanding reputation, which makes their closure an alarming event in a troubling economy.

Mimos was very good at making pizza

I tried their pizza several times since I came to town, and the service was consistently good. I have ate a lot of Pizza in my life, some from the finest restaurants in Chicago, and some from beat down shops in NewYork. I know a thing or two about pizza and this small local family restaurant nailed the taste.

Mimos also had outstanding customer service.

One time, the owner lady messed up my order, so she gave me a pizza for free. I couldn’t possibly eat two pizza, but she insisted. She was answering phone calls, cooking, and seeing customers all by herself. One of her staff didn’t show up. That must have been very stressful. She handled such a rush by herself, and with a smile. I have done customer service for over 15 years, and being able to smile in her situation was an extraordinary thing. It is EXTREMELY hard to run a small business with a smile.

I manage a small business myself (Tyrone Nails Salon), so I can relate to the struggle. I received formal training from GSU, and the support of a big family. And occasionally I want to quit. The stress and fatigue build up really fast.

Mimos had excellent reputation.

Tyrone is a small, extremely well-connected town. Maintaining a reputation here is no easy task. Tyrone residents gossips, a lot, and bad news spread fast. I have never heard anything but good about this small establishment and that says so much about them. We love them, not just the food, but the smiles, and the commitment to excellence. One of their former staffs spoke highly of them, and that is also very impressive.

Small Businesses Closure and Recession

Small businesses often go out during a recession. While the big lay off make it to national news, the smaller guys like me and Mimos got hit harder. Mimos’s closure upsets me because they did everything right, and still had to close. From what I heard, the owners were exhausted from the jobs, and decided to move on. This is a vicious circle of self-employed and small businesses. I am worried, and concerned, because Mimos demonstrates the standard I set for myself. If Mimos goes out, I too might.

I am very thankful for all the pedicures, manicures, full sets and any other services I receive. The town has been kind and welcoming. My customers base has been very supporting. And I am even more thankful because I know all of this might go away.

Mimos: Gone, not forgotten!…

Mimos exemplifies the qualities I would like to see from a restaurant. She values customers more than profit. She works extremely hard, and she cares about the quality she provides. I was outraged when the Health Department shut down Mimos. I trusted Mimos more than I trusted the Board. I read through the board report and most of it was bs.

I wish her family good fortune on their next venture.

Thank you for the good services, and farewell Mimos.